A River of People Creating Resources for Orphans

10th Annual Durango Event - Oct. 7, 2016
Ft. Lewis College - Clock Tower

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Since 2008 – River Run for Orphans events have raised $680,000
for local and global orphans and orphan projects.


River Run for Orphans from riverrunfororphans on GodTube.

River Run for Orphans


  • Give orphans hope and a future
  • Orphans would have a permanent loving family
  • Foster children would have a permanent loving family
  • Provide food and proper nutritional support for orphans
  • Provide medical care for orphans
  • Education and vocational training for orphans
  • Orphanages would become financially self sustaining
  • Unite communities in America to care for orphans locally and globally


Interested in how River Run for Orphans started, or how donations are used
Learn more about us here!

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Ft. Collins  
Sept. 10,2016

Colorado Springs
October 1, 2016

Nutrition for Orphans


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