Nutrition for Orphans

Nutrition for Orphans


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In 2012, 5 million children will die from malnutrition.

That's one child every 6 seconds...

Make a difference now in the health of a child in Rwanda.

Your monthly Auto-Order with Mannatech will sponsor a child with real food nutrition. Mannatech supplements are based on real food, not synthetics, and protect the children's cells against the harmful effects of toxins, environmental stress, poor diet, and daily physical and oxidative stress.

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Join with Mannatech to rescue these children by providing real food nutrition.

New Hope orphansWhen you Switch from your present nutritional supplements to Mannatech you will be investing in the lives of orphans.

Also a portion of your purchase price will used to create River Run for Orphans events around the country. These events bring communities together to serve orphans by creating resources that will change their lives.

You will also be using technological advanced nutritional products with documented researched results.

  • Orphans in Rwanda Win
  • River Run for Orphans Wins
  • Your Health Wins

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When you purchase Mannatech through River Run for Orphans, you'll be providing daily nutrition for 2 orphanages in Rwanda - New Hope Homes and Noel Orphanage.

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New Hope Homes

New Hope HomesNew Hopes Homes in Rwanda are dedicated to freeing orphans and abandoned kids from despair and giving them true "hope" for their future. We provide a loving, caring, stable and nurturing environment. Their spiritual, emotional, medical and educational needs are all met.

New HopeChildren usually enter the homes when they are new born to 5 years old. Each home has a widow that serves as their "mommy" for the kids and 2-3 young women who serve as aunties to help with cleaning, laundry and all the key chores. A night watchman provides a bit of security at night and a cook ensures they get well balanced meals.

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New Hope



Noel Orphanage

Noel OrphanageNoel is the oldest and largest orphanage in Rwanda.
It is home to almost 700 children and young people between a few days and 25.

They are located in the north of Rwanda, near Lake Kivu.
Their mission is to care for local orphans and give them an education and a start in life.

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Noel Orphanage

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National Events

Nutrition for Orphans will change a child’s life.

When you use Mannatech, you are investing  in the health of orphans everyday.

Could we sponsor 10,000 children with daily nutritional support?
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